In a whirlwind month for us here in Fredericksburg!! My absolute favorite place on earth, Polar Fitness, was planning on expanding to a new, bigger facility. YES!

But, things happen, as they do, and PF didn’t land the new building lease. After 5 years of business, the owners decided this was probably a good time to call it and pause any plans to expand or even continue the business.

And just like that, my favorite place was going to close down. 

But, after a few weeks of closing the doors, an announcement popped out of nowhere in the form of a video collage which said both, “Thank you for five years of fun” and “we’re reopening next month”! What!! YAY!!

So, in the same blink that took away something wonderful also saw that wonderful place come back. I couldn’t be happier. I love Polar Fitness. My kids love Polar Fitness. My wife loves Polar Fitness. It’s really that wonderful.
My son, 16yr old daughter, and I all train and practice Parkour there. My wife and 11yr old daughter train aerial silks there. Several of us take Flexibility and the Parkour+Conditioning class.

It’s just great. And I’m glad it’s back in the ‘Burg!!