I just received this press release and thought I’d share with you guys, here!

What’s really cool about this, is that I’ve known Mikey for about a year – we met at the very first Bushido Challenge, where Mikey lent his mastery of music to the obstacles in order to create an atmosphere and environment that went deeper than just a “theme”. Mikey’s participation in Bushido Challenge is part of what makes Bushido such a unique, and very enjoyable, race series. If you haven’t already raced in a Bushido Challenge, let me HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to go register for one, or make plans to join us in the Spring at the next Bushido in Virginia happening on April 19th, 2015. That’s the day after the Spartan Beast in NJ, and only a few hours away — to entice you further, David Martin of Bushido Challenge has offered a special discount for those willing to run Bushido the day after the NJ Beast! Check out the Bushido Challenge FB Page for more information!

Here’s the press release:

Fight Music Producer Aligns With Atlas Race

Vows To Revolutionize OCR

Implementing Theme Music Into Obstacle Racing, The Next Step In Elevating The OCR Experience In 2015

Medford, OR (December 1, 2014)-Mikey Rukus…if you haven’t heard of him before, you will be sure to meet his acquaintance heading into the coming year.  The Fight Music Producer, who single handedly carved his very own niche within the mixed martial arts industry in just a few short years, has quietly positioned himself to take the OCR world by storm in 2015.


Rukus has aligned with Atlas Race- a west coast based OCR company, to implement theme music in real time for each obstacle on their course.  More than just looping tracks, the Producer is specifically customizing theme music for each individual obstacle, giving each obstacle its own breath of life.  The result will be that of the competitor being caught up;  given the feel as if they are in a live action movie, a video game, or even all-out war.


Some of you may be familiar with the Fight Music guru from the MMA industry, where in the last four years, has created upwards of a whopping 300 different theme songs for mixed martial arts companies, organizations, radio shows and fighters all over the world to include several of the UFC’s top stars.  Mikey is also listed at #17 in the Top 50 Greatest MMA Walkouts.


“Music is about emotion. My job is to take each obstacle and create music that not only tells the story of that obstacle, but that evokes the internal emotions of the competitor.  This is exactly what you experience when you go to a movie. The music is there, conveying the emotions. Sometimes it’s fast paced, sometimes it’s epic and extremely emotional, and other times it’s absolutely intense.  I have the utmost confidence that adding this element to obstacle racing will not only revolutionize the sport by giving the competitor a whole new experience, but will also open the door to-and usher in, a brand new sector of corporate sponsors who specialize in sound.” Rukus explains.


As of this press release, Mikey Rukus and Atlas Race are set to create an Atlas Race Theme Song, a customized theme song for the Atlas Race Pro Team, and music for 20 obstacles. The music will also be made available to competitors who wish to use the music for workouts or just for remembering the experience.


Scott Gephart- Atlas Race Founder, had this to say about the partnership “When it comes to bringing big time energy and life to an event no one does it bigger and badder than Mikey Rukus. We are excited for the feel this is going to bring to the Atlas course”


Prepare for the 2015 evolution in OCR with Atlas Race and Mikey Rukus!


Mikey Rukus- Fight Music Producer, has created over 300 theme songs for nearly 250 different clients all over the world.  The husband and father of 8 children (yes 8), has mastered the art of customized thematic music within the sports realm.  To view some of his previous work, please visit www.soundclick.com/mikeyrukus. To contact Mikey Rukus directly, send an email to mikeyrukus@gmail.com.Those looking to register for the Atlas Race in 2015 can go to www.atlasrace.com. Be sure to follow Mikey on Twitter @MikeyRukus for updates.

Mikey Rukus


Bushido Challenge

COO-Mikey Rukus Music LLC




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